Did Zio Traitors Cede Major US Cities to the NWO?

THE NEW AMERICA XPRTClearly, the White-hating commie Jews have long been working towards a future where scenes like this becomes a common occurrence. Note how each day now comes more and more news of Zionist geopolitical gambits, mass Third World immigration into our White lands; all the while rampant Globalism continues destroying the Middle Class. Or simply the never-ending Jewish/liberal social engineering — turning us all into sick, immoral, PC-gibbering slave morons. The backstabbing bastards have truly been in a guerilla war with the White race! (INCOG)

From Renegade Tribune

Lorretta Lynch INSETAt the end of September US Attorney General Loretta Lynch [right] officially launched the Strong Cities Network with the United Nations. This program gives police powers and administrative oversight of cities to global government.

The US cities that are currently participating in this international program, which will assuredly expand, are New York City, Atlanta, Denver, and Minneapolis. For more about this program, you can visit the official site.

The official press release from the Department of Justice came out on September 28th:

Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism

Cities are vital partners in international efforts to build social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism.  Local communities and authorities are the most credible and persuasive voices to challenge violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations in their local contexts.  While many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.  

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Commie Jewish Left Destroying White Germany

Stasi Roots of the German-Jewish “Anti-Racist” Left and Its Program of Destroying Ethnic Germany

By Francis Carr Begbie @Occidental Observer

ANETTA KAHANE INSETFor professional German “anti-racist” Anetta Kahane, last week was a very good week. For one of her many organisations is slated to lead the campaign to shut down opposition to the immigrant invasion on Facebook.

This clampdown on Facebook free speech is now one of the German government’s highest priorities following a meeting between between Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerburg, and means that henceforth all criticism of the immigrant invasion will be severely curtailed. Such a vast initiative will need an army of loyal and trusted functionaries, and who better but Ms Kahane and her Network Against Nazis (“Netz gegen Nazis”) to show they mean business? Just to make sure ordinary Germans get the message the government have charged the leader of the dissident PEGIDA movement for anti-immigrant comments he made on Facebook.

In the lucrative anti-racism sector, Anetta Kahane is without doubt a shrewd and far-seeing operator. She recognised earlier than most that there were huge amounts of money to be had by re-packaging ordinary people’s concerns about immigration into “Neo-Nazi” scares, and she worked hard to ramp up this industry and turn it into the money-making machine that it is today.

Like so many Jewish leaders in Europe these days, Kahane is quite brazen in expressing her wish for the destruction of White Europe. “You have to really change the policy of immigration inside Europe. This is very important; you have to change the educational system and the self-understanding of the states. They are not only white anymore or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world.”

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George Will: CUCKservative Pundit For Big Jewry

GEORGE WILL AND CHARLES KRAUTHAMMERColumnist George Will has always been a big lackey for the Jew NWO — a phony conservative put on screen alongside his baseball bud (like the two are so American!), the Israel-Firster propagandist and pro illegal amnesty Jew, Charles KRAUThammer (FOX’s Bret Baier 6:00PM EST). This is why I’ve always said here on my site that FOX news is just a very clever false front operation, created by Globalist Jewry to allay suspicion and placate conservative White Americans into thinking we have real democratic choices — while our race gets seriously s-s-scr… Jewed! (INCOG)

George Will: Enforcing Immigration Law is Ethnic Cleansing

By James Kilpatrick @VDARE

George Will is the quintessential pundit of the Beltway Right. He has a reputation as a “deep thinker,” but he doesn’t have anything important to say. His most famous writings aren’t about politics, but about baseball. And he’s second only to Thomas Friedman (another “respected” journalist) in his mastery of the perfectly incoherent phrase.

For example, Will has called Donald Trump a “one-man Todd Akin.” Wasn’t Todd Akin a one-man Todd Akin, you cretinous goober?

Will, who famously derided Reagan supporters as “Kamikaze conservatives” in a 1974 column, has decided the greatest moral threat to the Republic is Donald Trump’s “Police State.”

He writes:

Trump, however, has made something novel discussible: He proposes turning America into a police state in order to facilitate ethnic cleansing.

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Half Breed Freak Did The Oregon Shootings


Man, you could really tell the media were licking their chops when they heard one of the witnesses say it was a White male they saw doing the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon! Turns out the guy was a half breed mulatto (often called a High Yellar) — a type well-known for going off their rocker!

Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, shot 17, killing 9, in a single classroom where his victims were sitting ducks. Sounds like he hated Christians, too, asking his victims what religion they were before putting a round into them. Plus, he appears to have written in a blog post that he was impressed with all the media notoriety over Vester Flanagan — the ugly mulatto-looking faggot who shot the three Whites on live local Roanoke, Virginia TV back in August.

Thankfully, cops put the Oregon freak down, saving taxpayer dollars down the road. Now the media is going to describe him as a “Neo Nazi” simply because he once bought a Nazi hat online years ago and called himself “conservative” (means JACK). Harper-Mercer was no “Neo Nazi” but a Neo Nutcase.

You just can’t be a half breed Nazi. That’s simply ridiculous. Sure, maybe he wanted to be one, but couldn’t and so his puny brain shorted out at the futility. Nazis do represent a kind of tough, no-nonsense coolness, thanks in no small part to Jew holohoax propaganda over the years. Hell, even pervert S&M Jews get off on wearing Nazi uniforms and stuff!

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Jewry Brought This Diversity Crap Down On Us


Let me be the first to admit: My yard could stand some serious genocidal WMD operations, utilizing targeted poisons and growth inhibitors spread in a wide dispersal pattern to maximize the lethality of the chemical agents — purchased down at my local hardware store in convenient pellet form, inside sealed plastic bags.

I guess you could say I suffer from a “wonderfully diverse” lawn. It really sucks.

The Bermuda grass made a huge comeback this year (planted by the home builder way back when). A few spots remain of horse pasture Rye, planted by myself years ago in a misguided attempt to take care of some problem areas. I’m always having illegal immigration from Asian Zoysia planted by my super friendly, left and right next door neighbors (who have no idea they live next to such a big hater boy). Then there’s the Crabgrass — a perennial plague species for those of us who desire beautiful lawns.

All I want is the beautiful, dark green, noble Fescue everywhere. A “monolithic” yard, as some might term it. Sure, I have managed to make my front lawn facing the street mostly Fescue, which acts a false front for the entire yard as a whole.

Crabgrass is a “crypto” grass that people ignorant about lawn care often stupidly see as real grass, simply because it’s chlorophyl green. This alien species opens up areas in otherwise beautiful lawns for invasion by a wide variety of noxious weeds, thereby destroying the homogeneity of the good grass species you really want. Hmmm.

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Invading Turd Worlders Getting Germans Evicted


From: Daily Slave

What an unbelievable story. The German government is literally forcing its own people out of their homes to make room for invading savages.

At this point, I am surprised that they haven’t made it official government policy to replace all Germans with Africans and Moslems.

From Telegraph:

A woman in Germany is being evicted from her home of 16 years to make way for asylum-seekers, amid growing concerns over how Germany will find accommodation for the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into the country.

Bettina Halbey, a 51-year-old nurse, has lived alone in her flat in the small western German town of Nieheim since her children grew up.

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Lefty Ex-STASI Jew To Police German FACEBOOK

ANNETTE KAHANE JEW RACE NARCCheck out the creepy Jew byatch! I’ve seen stuff on this Annette Kahane before and she’s so, so commie Jew freaky. All these creeps think they are working as secret agents to keep us Whites in line, so we don’t go all Hitler on their subversive asses once again. Plus, their racial arrogance makes them think they have a God-given mandate to do whatever they want in what used to be considered our countries. They call it Tikkun Olam, meaning “fixing a broken world.” More like breaking the White race! (INCOG)

Ex-Stasi Jewish Activist Tasked with Eradicating “Xenophobia” on Facebook in Germany

From: Renegade Tribune


Yeah, like I’m so sure Mark ZUCKERBERG is going to say no to his censoring Marxist Jew compadres in Europe. The punky little SOB is all for flooding White lands (US too) with Third Worlders and his Facebook staff often delete pro-White American Facebook sites — once they get too popular and widely read.

According to Vice Chancellor Sigmar approximately 1 million migrants will arrive in Germany this year alone and Chancellor Merkel says there is no limit to how many they will take in.

Politically incorrect Germans who voice their skepticism can look forward to censorship – at least on Facebook.

Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, has had quite enough of the uppity Germans who have the gall to criticize the ongoing population replacement so last week he sent an open letter to Facebook demanding that the social-media company commence systematically erasing “xenophobic” material.

On Monday Facebook sent a delegation to meet with the Minister who has set forth a plan – namely that a special task force scour Facebook and delete comments deemed inappropriate by the State.

“The goal is to ease identification of criminal statements”

– says Heiko Maas to Bild.

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The Planned Genocide Of White Europeans


The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe


Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, father of the Pan European movement.

Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, father of the Pan European movement and today’s EU. This filthy half breed came up with the blueprint of White Genocide as an integral part of NWO Globalism. White-hating International Jewry jumped all over it from the start. (INCOG)

Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by the system, and the multicultural propaganda is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable. With this article we intend to prove once and for all, that this is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What they want to present as an inevitable outcome of modern life, is actually a plan conceived around a table and prepared for decades, to completely destroy the face of the continent.

The Pan-Europe:

Few people know that one of the main initiators of the process of European integration, was also the man who designed the genocide plan of the Peoples of Europe. It is a dark person, whose existence is unknown to the masses, but the elite considers him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. His father was an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi (with connections to the Byzantine family of the Kallergis) and his mother the Japanese Mitsu Aoyama. Kalergi, thanks to his close contacts with all European aristocrats and politicians, due to the relationships of his nobleman-diplomat father, and by moving behind the scenes, away from the glare of publicity, he managed to attract the most important heads of state to his plan, making them supporters and collaborators for the “project of European integration.”

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Of Course The Ugly Groid Killed The Girl


Like I said on my site from day-one over a year ago: It was an ugly Negroid who killed the beautiful and popular young White gal from Virginia, Morgan Dana Harrington (above). The twenty year-old blond went missing during a Metallica rock concert in 2009 when security guards would not let her back in after she went to the bathroom and became separated from friends. Defenseless White girls on the street do sometimes fall prey to these African savages freely roaming across America, engaging in crime and mayhem at the drop of a hat.

Her ugly dreadlocked killer was finally charged this week. Face facts: Blacks routinely look for easy prey among White people. Always have.

Her ugly dreadlocked killer was finally charged this week. Face facts: Blacks routinely look for easy prey among White people. Always have.

Now comes word the predatory Negro, one Jesse Leroy Matthews, Jr. (right), is finally getting charged with Morgan Harrington’s murder. This is the same dreadlocked monster who raped and killed the cute young British American girl, Hannah Graham, last year about this time. After abducting her off the street when she was way too drunk for her own good (cowardly blacks look for easy crime opportunities such as this); Graham met the same fate as Harrington — a brutal death at the hands of an ugly, brutish black and a shallow dusty grave somewhere out in the Virginia countryside, while friends and family went out of their minds desparately looking for her.

He most likely raped young Morgan too, then strangled, maybe even beat or clubbed her to death with something handy, and then stuffed her dead in his car trunk for a little Sunday body dumping trip while visiting his parents out in the country. As the girl’s cold corpse lay obscenely twisted up in his car trunk, the black SOB might have leisurely chowed down on a big plate of his parent’s greasy hamhocks, collard greens and fried chitlins before taking care of his dastardly business on a pitch black farming road.

Hell, knowing how incredibly vile blacks can be and how much Jew media-induced hate they harbor for us “evil Whiteys,” he might well have raped her dead body one last time out of spite. Would not surprise me in the least.

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Jew Faggotry Now Set Loose Upon America


By Eric Stryker @Traditionalist Youth Network

The traitorous PC media gets all warm and fuzzy about gays adopting little kids, like Peter Truong and Mark Newton's blond Russian boy above. But where are the creeps when it's discovered the poor little kid was turned into a sex slave for dirty pedos? Stinking, GD media people don't care! (INCOG)

The traitorous media always acts so warm and fuzzy about gay adoption, like Peter Truong and Mark Newton’s little blond Russian boy above. But where was this media when police discovered the poor little kid was turned into an abused sex slave for dirty pedos? Stinking, GD media people don’t care! (INCOG)

The “LGBT community” has come a long way from its origins in the underworld. As recently as the 1980s, individuals engaging in homosexual activity were perceived as being in the grips of a ghastly suicidal perversion; devoid of dignity and grossly lacking in respect for the human body. They were pariahs, a minority of freaks with short life expectancies, sinking in a world of substance abuse, mental illness, crippling diseases, and predation upon the innocent.

Thirty years later, queers haven’t changed a bit, but now they’ve got friends in high places. The knife-wielding transexuals we grew up fighting on the streets of fictional New York City in “Final Fight” (an export from the “call them as you see them” Japanese) have been rehabilitated by Jews into pop culture’s offering of a heroic ideal. Symbols of white Western manhood, the cowboy and the soldier, have been reduced to nothing more than costumes for degenerates to cosplay in. Millions of alienated youth and victims of child molestation are teetering on the margins, and their anguish–which suggests a genuine need for counseling or a helping hand–is instead used to drive them over the edge through perpetual exposure to vile, dishonest propaganda from the rocking cradle to the hearse.

In most of the West, to insinuate sexual intent when homosexuals adopt children is a taboo that will expose dissidents to violence, employment termination, or mass media induced defamation. The gangsters in Chinos have been given a seat at the table of world power by the Jewish establishment, largely due to the intersectionality (a Cultural Marxist/Jewish buzzword) of the two groups’ interests and membership.

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Big “Austrian” Media Jew Calls To End White Europe


Zio, Jewish-Supremacist Seeks Extermination of Austria and Europe!


The former chief of the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper in the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria, Ronald Barazon, has once again come out in support of the extermination of the Austrian and the European people with a continued tsunami of mass immigration.

Ironically, he used the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, which has some of the most restrictive immigration laws in the world, as an example of why immigration will be a good thing for Austria and Europe!

He had the chutzpah to point out that the immigration of 750,000 “Russians” into Israel has not hurt the economy or the well-being of Israel. Of course, he left out the inconvenient truth that the 750,000 “Russians” were not Russian at all but were all fellow Jews.

This Jewish hypocrite advocates the genocide of Austria and Europe, yet Israel must be a “Jewish State dedicated to Jews. He praises the Jewish-only immigration into Israel, but promotes the extermination of the European people and culture with massive immigration.

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Zio Rats Stabbed America in the Back on 9/11


Let’s all keep in mind on this anniversary of 9/11: It was Zionist Israel and their shekel-corrupted, Shabbos goy minions within the power structure who committed this enormous false flag operation on America’s head. Just imagine the sheer murderous nerve of these lousy GD bastards to do such an evil act — innocent people were forced into jumping off buildings 80 stories up to escape the flames or smashed to bloody bits when tons of exploding concrete and steel came down on their heads.

Still believe the government and media about 9/11? Then you must be dumber than an iron wedge. Spend a little time reading up on it and watch a few videos. I have links over on the left you can go to (plenty of smart, straight-up folks who have looked at the hard evidence), or simply go up to my 9/11 video page up under my crazy masthead. Just spend a little time checking into it all and you’ll see.

No, I’m not saying all Jews in the US were behind it. Of course not. And I’m sure there was evil White Americans and Saudis taking part. Without a doubt. But if you look into it enough, you’ll see Zionist Jews involved from top to bottom. Hell, Israel-loyal Jews were even put in charge of compensation funds (perfect cover to prevent any contrary 9/11 evidence from coming out in victim family court suits).

Just think about the incredible trauma of what 9/11 did to America. But this does not prove what the government and media says occurred. Logic dictates that what happens to random victims during an event, is completely separate from whatever motives leading up to said event. No matter how terrible, the death of fodder Goys cannot be construed as proof of what the real perps would like you to believe. Feminine emotional responses, national patriotic fervor and desire to get “payback,” are what these lousy bastards have long known how to manipulate and exploit among the masses. They’ve turned this kind of thing into a diabolical science, knowing exactly what buttons to push.

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Remember This On Labor Day


While you work and slave, building and making things for America (if your job hasn’t gone overseas thanks to international Jew globalism) — the black race seems to have all the time in the world to riot, commit arson (“burn that bitch down”), loot the smallest of poor local business, or just run their big fat mouths over whatever imagined race slight de jour. It never ends with this spoiled rotten violent bunch, now does it?

It’s become blisteringly obvious that nothing America can ever do will satisfy this sorry-ass race. Just think about that two-week, non-stop black and media BS fest in Ferguson, Missouri over Michael Brown — a hulking, criminal gangsta wannabee we’re all supposed to think was so sweet and innocent, even though we all saw the surveillance shots of how he really behaved. Or the week of looting and rioting over another totally worthless, drug-dealing street criminal named Freddie Gray in Baltimore not long after.

Just imagine all the hundreds of billions involved with supporting this race on a yearly basis in America: Welfare and food stamps; EBT cards for pocket money at MickyD’s; free Obama phones and minutes; Section 8 Housing payments so they can live in our neighborhoods; earned income tax credits — even if they don’t work — for pooping out more future criminal chimplets with different men all the time (we pay them to breed); monthly Social Security payments for phony injury claims; lawsuit awards for just about any frivolous, bogus damages they can get some shyster lawyer to file, or the legions of professional race extortionists — blacks, liberals and Jews — who get rich threatening companies over racial quotas. They don’t care one bit about America.

And all that still doesn’t include the huge yearly expenses of police, homicide detectives, forensic experts, bureaucrats and office workers, hospital emergency room staffing, the insanely expensive court system, all the jail and prisons filled to the brim with criminal homies! Next to defense department military expenditures — us fighting never-ending Zionist Jew wars for the NWO empire — the government supporting or dealing with the black race in whatever form, is definitely the next biggest part of the federal budget. Probably more so. A government now clearly and obviously out to screw over the White race for these spoiled rotten black brats.

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Muzzies and Africans Flooding Europe By The Day

ANGELA MERKEL LETS IN REFUGEESEast German Marxist and Globalist Jew tool, PM Angela Merkel, just announced Germany and Austria will take in the hundreds of thousands of Muzzies now invading Hungary. And you can bet your sweet White ass many of these will get spread around the rest of the Western World — including America!

Jews all across the West are behind non-White immigration into our lands, like Interior Minister of Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, above. Jewry wants to destroy White demographics so we can't stop their NWO Globalist Agenda. And the hypocrites never, ever allow non-Jew immigration into their sacred GD Israel — the cause of all the Mideast BS to begin with!

Demonic Jews have been behind non-White immigration into our lands from the start, like the devious-looking Interior Minister of Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, above. Jewry has worked to destroy White demographics so we don’t have enough political power to stop their Zionist NWO Globalist Agenda. And the hypocrites never, ever allow non-Jew immigration into their sacred GD Israel — the cause of all the Mideast BS to begin with!

The subversive Jews and Marxist traitors among our own kind are now flooding Europe with Dune Coon Semite Muslims from the Middle East, right along with hundreds of thousands of BLACK AFRICANS still coming in from Libya.

Folks, we’re talking about Europe no longer being White lands AT ALL. Right before our very eyes, the GD filthy NWO Jews are freely destroying our lands!

All week long the stinking Jew media in the US has been running that photo of a “poor little three year-old boy drowned trying to make it to freedom in a tiny rowboat with his family.” You see how they jerk our emotional chains on a daily basis? Just watch the dinner time news on any channel. Ask yourself how come they never show photos of dead little Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs, like GD ever?

Don’t you see what these devious Jews have done and are still doing to us? By using White people’s very own good graces against ourselves, they set up the “PC” diversity BS to confuse and undermine our race, so we would eventually commit racial suicide. Subversive Jews are doing this across the board — from abortion, faggotry and all kinds of sick crap perfectly suited to keep our numbers down, to promoting us to mate ourselves away with any other race. Don’t you get it by now? It’s been a long-running GENOCIDE program on us White people.


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The True History of Africa: A Fable for Europe

ZIMBABWE POLITICIANA generous African king whose political correctness saw his city invaded by hordes of White people posing as refugees.

By Hamish Patton @Daily Stormer

The African has been blessing the world with its invaluable contributions to science, medicine, and the arts ever since the hominid invented the wheel. But something went terribly wrong.

The great ancient civilization of Africa, with its fantastic city of Boogawana, boasting breathtaking architecture; paved roads; running water and indoor plumbing was the magnificent Jewel in the crown of the ancient African empire. It represented all that was grand about the African race. But having become civilised, the African made the mistake of trying to civilise the White man.

He foolishly opened the gates to his city, and invited the White man to come and share in his lifestyle — to be an African!

But the White man was lazy, and didn’t want to work. Moreover, the complexity of the African civilization was too advanced for his simple brain. He was still clinging to his latent evolutionary crawl, and couldn’t quite make the leap forward like the African had done so agilely.

So instead of building great monuments, writing epic poems, and chiseling dazzling mosaics out of stone like his African benefactor, or plotting the stars, the White man looted and robbed; burned and plundered the great African city. Yet, the African refused to believe that the White man was anything but his equal.

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The Last Great White Hope?

SUPERMAN TRUMPIs Donald Trump a real hope for White America — or just the best we can expect right now?

If you think about it here for a minute, this whole business about Donald Trump revolves around the fear of White Americans on where this country is going — most of whom are fairly clueless on the depth and breadth of it all. Since the Internet, some of us now know the media has been vigorously keeping us Whites in the dark on a wide range of subjects. But regular White people do suspect something is just not right.

Already the racially brainwashed, multicult leftists and the usual, big mouthed Jew intellectuals are going nuts, saying “White supremacists” and “right-wing extremists” are all for Donald Trump — like that is so horrible. Man, us White people can’t say one GD thing anymore before these wackos start in on us. Soon, they’ll be calling Trump a new “Adolf,” believe me.

Now, there’s going to be those who say “Trump says nothing about the on-going White Genocide and displacement programs in our lands, how criminal the homies truly are, or anything at all on the Zionist Jews — so has to be a phony.” Not necessarily true. Hell, Trump could think the same way as any of us do, but is smart enough to keep his big mouth shut — even around his closest friends and family. There’s no telling how the wrong people could get word of what Trump personally thinks deep down.

It may have been something he concluded decades ago, or maybe it was something his father talked to him about. Today’s dynamics of Jew backstabbing and subterfuge were just as bad way back when — perhaps even more so — since there was no Internet where like-minded Whites could bounce observations off one another, put two-and-two together, transmit writings and suppressed facts of history to get “the big picture” when it comes to the perfidious Jew’s activities. They can’t let this go on much longer.


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We Badly Need Negro and Homosexual Controls

VESTER FLANAGAN BRYCE WILLIAMSJewmerica Needs Common Sense Negro And Faggot Controls


All of these Jews and Marxists are once again coming out and saying that we need to ban guns because of the recent shooting of two journalists live on television. I strongly disagree with this ridiculous viewpoint. If anything, this proves that what we need are common sense Negro and faggot controls. The killer was a gay Negro. It is also not the gun itself that did the killing, it is the mind of the individual that did the killing.

So why do I say this?  Here’s a brief explanation.

Faggots are mentally ill. In fact, many serial killers have been identified as homosexuals.  This proves how this disgusting type of behavior is a mental illness and in extreme cases a very dangerous one.

Many Negroes are emotionally driven and violent savages. On average, they commit more violent crimes than other races. It has been made worse with the Jewish-run media agitating them and blaming White people for all of their problems.

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Sick Black Homo Murders White Reporters On-Air

VESTER FLANIGAN MONTAGEWhite Reporters Murdered Live On-Air by Disgruntled Dindu Trying to Start a Race War

The freak was wearing a GoPro video recorder when he shot the 3 Whites and uploaded the video to his Facebook account while fleeing in his car. Above is a screen capture from his own video right before he shot the young White female reporter. Video from the TV station during live on-air interview is below "continue reading" button.

The black freak was wearing a GoPro video recorder when he ambushed the 3 Whites point blank. He then uploaded the video to his Facebook account after fleeing the scene; above is a capture from this video right as the evil bastard was getting ready to shoot the young White female reporter. Video from the TV station during the live on-air murders is below “continue reading.”


A White reporter and cameraman have been shot to death live on-air by a disgruntled Black.

Who I guess was trying to be the reverse Dylann Roof.


A television reporter and a cameraman were shot and killed during a live broadcast in Virginia on Wednesday in an attack authorities said was carried out by a former employee of the TV station.

The suspect, 41-year-old Vester Flanagan, shot and wounded himself several hours later as police pursued him on a Virginia highway. He died later at the hospital, police said.

Social media postings by a person who appeared to be Flanagan indicated the suspect had grievances against the station, CBS affiliate WDBJ7 in Roanoke, Virginia, which let him go two years ago.

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Alex Jones Deletes David Duke Interview Video


The video I have embedded below the “continue reading” button is the full, uncut video first put up by Alex Jones’ Infowar site as heavily edited — followed by Infowars completely deleting it off their Youtube channel. With the attention this censoring behavior is now getting, they might reinstall it and then act like nothing happened.

Apparently, it shows Jones getting “owned” by David Duke, or more likely it was removed by his Jewish handlers because Duke’s message is just way too persuasive to let Whites hear — conspiracy theorists or not. The video below was captured and then uploaded by a guy named “TheHorsenation.” It may not last long, knowing how infiltrated Youtube is by Jew HasbaRATS, or even openly by massively-funded Jewish special interest organizations like the SPLC and the ADL  — all of whom understand what kinds of Goyim thinking is dangerous to the tribe in the long run.

Sure, a lot of what Alex Jones awkwardly tries to say is true, especially in the first part of the video. You have to include some degree of truth for effective misdirection of the more emotional, easily moved types out there who can’t bear the thought of hating Jews and getting thought of as an evil goose-stepping Nazi. This basic tactic has indeed confused White people for many decades now. You have to watch the whole thing to get how Duke quietly destroys Jones with ample logic and evidence. The man has been right from the start!

I’ve always mistrusted to some degree Alex Jones from day-one. My guess is that Jones is pretty much watched like a hawk by his internal Jew handlers and his multitude of Jewish advertisers, right along with being personally corralled by “PC” (the real reason for PC has always been to protect Jewry from us potential “anti-Semites” and fascist prone types, who love going around in matching shirts and combat boots).

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Huckabee Goes To Israel For Campaign Dough

HUCKABEE CUCKSERVATIVEWhat a huge Jew ass-kissing clown! With giant suck-ups like this freely running for prez, little wonder America is so screwed in the head and has a foreign country jerking our chains left and right. Just imagine what people would say if any US candidate flew off to Nazi Germany for money to finance his election campaign back in the 1930’s? Hell, they would still be talking about it. (INCOG)


Could this guy be any more of a joke?  Mike “The Cuck” Huckabee a deranged Christian Zionist wack job has actually stated that he is going to Israel to raise money for his presidential campaign.

It couldn’t be any more obvious that he represents the interests of Israel and Jews over average Americans. I cannot believe that any one would support this clown. Even if you don’t believe that the Jews have too much influence in America, how can one take a presidential candidate seriously when they are seeking shekels from a foreign country?  This man is a traitor. No wonder why the Jew Frank Luntz and his fake focus group said that Huckabee performed well in the recent GOP debate.

From AP:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he’s heading to Israel this week to raise money and meet “with a number of officials” to discuss the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

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Leo Frank Met Justice a Century Ago Today!


On this great date in US history, bold Southern White men — grimly determined that a child-rapist killer meet his well-deserved fate — dragged Leo Max Frank out of prison and strung him up by the neck until dead, right after Jew backroom dealing had almost saved his worthless hide.

A few rarely seen pictures below “continue reading.”

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100 Reasons Why Leo Frank was GUILTY AS SIN


Proving That Anti-Semitism Had Nothing to Do With His Conviction — and Proving That His Defenders Have Used Frauds and Hoaxes for 100 Years.

by Bradford L. Huie
Article found on The American Mercury


There is no doubt Leo Frank raped and murdered young Mary Phagan back in 1913. Subversive Globalist Jewry has falsely accused Southern Whites of anti-Semitism in this case for 100 years now — maybe it’s time the backstabbers get what they ask for every minute? (INCOG)

MARY PHAGAN was just thirteen years old. She was a sweatshop laborer for Atlanta, Georgia’s National Pencil Company. Exactly 100 years ago today — Saturday, April 26, 1913 — little Mary (right) was looking forward to the festivities of Confederate Memorial Day. She dressed gaily and planned to attend the parade. She had just come to collect her $1.20 pay from National Pencil Company superintendent Leo M. Frank at his office when she was attacked by an assailant who struck her down, ripped her undergarments, likely attempted to sexually abuse her, and then strangled her to death. Her body was dumped in the factory basement.

Leo Frank, who was the head of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith, a Jewish fraternal order, was eventually convicted of the murder and sentenced to hang. After a concerted and lavishly financed campaign by the American Jewish community, Frank’s death sentence was commuted to life in prison by an outgoing governor. But he was snatched from his prison cell and hung by a lynching party consisting, in large part, of leading citizens outraged by the commutation order — and none of the lynchers were ever prosecuted or even indicted for their crime. One result of Frank’s trial and death was the founding of the still-powerful Anti-Defamation League.

Today Leo Frank’s innocence, and his status as a victim of anti-Semitism, are almost taken for granted. But are these current attitudes based on the facts of the case, or are they based on a propaganda campaign that began 100 years ago? Let’s look at the facts.

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The Rape and Murder of Mary Phagan

THE RAPE AND MURDER OF MARY PHAGAN XPRTOver 100 years ago, inside a dingy, shuttered factory at the heart of Atlanta’s industrial sector, an infatuated Jewish serial rapist-pedophile viciously assaulted one of his teenage employees who rejected his sexual propositions — for the last time.


Mary Anne Phagan, a beautiful young White girl, was only 13 years-old in the spring of 1913 when a perverted Leo Frank raped and murdered her. Jews and the liberal media has ever since portrayed Frank as innocent and unfairly victimized by anti-Semite, racist White Southerners.

Mary Anne Phagan, a beautiful young White girl, was only 13 years-old in the spring of 1913 when a perverted Leo Frank raped and murdered her. Jews and the liberal media has ever since portrayed Frank as innocent and unfairly victimized by anti-Semite, racist White Southerners, when nothing could be further from the truth. (INCOG)

On Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, young Mary Phagan entered the office anteroom of her boss, National Pencil Company superintendent Leo Frank, just minutes after high noon to pick up her pay envelope for her work the week before.

However, for the past week Mary had been laid off from the Atlanta, Georgia, factory because the brass sheet metal required had all been used up on Monday morning, April 21, 1913. Without this one essential material, there could be no bands created and attached to the ends of pencils, so she couldn’t use the knurling machine at her work station to insert the rubber erasers.

Mary Phagan’s job was absolutely critical in the factory’s manufacturing efforts, because adding erasers to the base of pencils was the very last production stage before they were boxed in tissue paper, loaded up in monogrammed boxes and shipped for distribution nationwide.

Standing in the door frame to his office, Mary looked in and quietly asked, “Mr. Frank?” Leo could feel his heart suddenly beating as he recognized the voice and looked up, especially since he now found himself very much alone with the attractive child laborer under his skillful management — dressed gaily today in lavender and lace for the downtown Parade — a sweet young southern girl whom he had a crush on for some time, and one that had blossomed far beyond her tender age.

Jewish accounts of the Mary Phagan murder case over the coming decades purposefully leave out certain damning facts and details showing what surely happened next…

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Zio Psychos Out To Nix Obama’s Iran Deal


How could you possibly NOT think Jews really control America’s head and have no problem seeing Goyim die for their arrogant agendas?


Over the last few days, the supposedly big liberal Obama supporter, Sen. Chuckie Boy Schumer (right) and Rep. Eliot Engels (both NY Jews), pretend-shocked a few idiots out there in the political landscape (those who dare not to mention the Jew angle), by throwing Obongo under the bus and coming out against the Iran nuclear treaty.

Just think: Schumer’s only got his precious mother country Israel and his fellow Zio psychos at AIPAC or the myriad other Jew Zionist operations in mind. Tell you anything about these traitorous creeps? Wake up and smell the GD coffee, fool!

Believe it or not, I actually feel sorry for Obama on all this. And you thought I was just a big Negro hater boy? This just goes to show you how much Israel and their shekel-corrupted Zio minions now have America by the short and curlies.

Lord have mercy, if I thought of myself as a liberal, anti-War type of guy or gal, I’d at least start thinking about becoming a bit of a Nazi. Seriously. Or at least cut the pro-White people a little slack after all the efforts over the decades to get your attention to the real deal going on with these truly racist, religiously arrogant, historically manipulative rats, now hurriedly turning our lands inside out (including Canada, Europe and Australia) to keep us Whites bickering and powerless enough so they can whittle us down further.*

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INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 10


Download High Res version for poster print-outs.

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Zuckerberg Tells GOP to Embrace Race Invasion


From Daily Slave

Many of you may not realize this, but I have many problems with this Jew by the name of Mark Zuckerberg. I greatly dislike Facebook and I greatly dislike everything he has done with it. Facebook sucks and so does Zuckerberg and the rest of the Jews that run that horrible website.

With that said, it should be no surprise that I hate his group he has created that is advocating a continued invasion of the United States from Central America. This group called Fwd.us is claiming that the Republican Party is doomed unless it basically embraced the third world invasion of America. They say this because of the increase in Latino and Asians that have come into the country thanks to the Kenyan ape in the White house.

From Wired:

THE REPUBLICAN PARTY is pretty well doomed if doesn’t do more to embrace Hispanic voters, according to a new web tool released by the Mark Zuckerberg-backed advocacy group Fwd.us, which pushes for immigration reform. The tool aggregates both population and voter data to show how an influx of Latino and Asian American voters will sway elections in the future, potentially costing the GOP future victories if it fails to soften its stance on immigration issues.

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LibCUCKS Stink Just As Bad — Maybe Even Worse

ALL CUCKS FOR NWO JEWRY XPRTOK, first off, what should we call the White liberals? Put in your suggestions down below.* Also, should we include Jews here? Jews are basically acting as subversive “AGENTS” for their race (that’s why I called them agents in my last post where I put in a on-the-fly designed logo so people will know). Jews are simply doing what comes natural to Jewry — left or right — to begin with. And that’s to continually ef with White people’s heads with PC and supporting Israel — no matter what that country does.

One thing for sure, it’s not hard finding LibCUCKS for photo montages. I did a couple of quick ones right off the bat (below). More to come as I get around to it (been busy lately). And yes, they and all the CUCKsevatives will go up in a page under my masthead for easy locating later on. Am I a nice guy or what?

the dude INSET

The wuss calls himself “The Dude.” LOL.

LibCUCKS have sucked down Globalist Jewry’s line of PC BS hook, line and sinker. I can’t think of a more wussified, spineless bunch in all my born days. I remember this one guy who called himself “THE DUDE,” who came on here to give me a big ration for being an evil racist. I did a quick search and soon found his own masturbatory San FranSicko area photography site.

“The Dude” probably imagined himself as the slacker character played by Jeff Bridges in the Jew Cohen brother’s “The Big Lebowski” and snapped up the domain name as soon as he left the theater (BTW: the movie has your typical Jew anti-White German ending). I remember this one post where he put up these stupid shots of himself looking like a complete idiot — sipping hoity-toity wines with all his urbane boomer pals while dressed as Austin Powers — like he was “Mr. Shagadelic” and so “with it.” I left him some helpful ideas in his comment section, nicely suggesting he try high contrast, black and white street photography with a strobe flash while walking around at night in DINDU-infested nearby Oakland, which the faggot promptly deleted. I guess he didn’t appreciate my fine sense of creativity.

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INCOG’S Cuckservative Roundup

CUCKSERVATIVES 1These are the phony conservatives, the Judas Goats (what the herder uses to lead sheep to shearing), the “Shabbos Goys” (water carriers for the Jewish race) and general traitors to America, who get paid big bucks and a lot of attention by a Globalist Jew-owned media out to silently reduce and castrate the White race. These people know exactly what side their bread is buttered on.

Also includes devious Jews who call themselves conservative, but really only support Israel and the Zionist’s regional Agenda in the Mideast (the “War on Terror” BS meant to clear the way for Israel’s final Palestinian genocides and the weakening of any potential threat Muslim nations not already in bed with the NWO (Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Potentates). The whole Zionist Israeli “Agenda” is now plain to see.

Besides sucking up to whatever Zionist Israel wants (our special “little friends”), all of these rats go along with PC (or just keep their big mouths shut); the never-ending black victimhood narrative, anti-White Affirmative Action and entitlement programs; blindly accept the flooding of our lands by non-White Third Worlders, turning America into a racial piss pot; support Globalism, NAFTA and sending our jobs overseas; stay silent about immoralities of all sorts, including sodomy and the big new tranny push by the media; jacking up frictions between the sexes (just think of all the ruined relationships between White people over the years); the free promotion in the media to breed our race away; “White guilt,” “White privilege” and the myriad of other kinds of White-hating programs screwing up our heads for decades now.

These are the modern-day Benedict Arnolds of White Gentiles of European heritage and Christianity. They will reap the whirlwind if I have anything to do with it.

More photos below the “continue reading” button.

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America: More PC Screwed By The Day


Did you notice over the last week how the media pretended like they were scratching their heads over that Muslim Chattanooga shooter? And how at first they wanted everyone to think he did it simply because he was depressed about his f**ked up life and smoked grass, drank alcoholic beverages and called himself the “Arabian Redneck.” Oh boy, did the media glom all over that, especially with that word “redneck” (KKK and/or NAZIS + MUSLIMS = the horror, the horror).

They never did say one single damn word about the shooter’s daddy being Palestinian and the possibility he was super pissed about seeing so many fellow Pali refugees still living like dogs in Jordan when he visited there for 7 months. That part of the equation is cleverly blacked out from common knowledge of the idiot TV viewing proletariat, who only see another evil Muslim terrorist. The total Jew trickery of the US media is now plain to see.

Then they started blaming this dead Muslim cleric guy, killed awhile back by a US drone strike. Hey, it’s A-OK to drop back from the solemn PC “Prime Directive” a bit with a healthy dollup of Islamophobia, especially since we’re all such big buds with wonderful Israel, right? Remember, these are the same liberal hypocrites pushing PC crap down our throats in White countries, while totally ignoring how un-PC Israel truly is to non-Jews and Christians. Homos can’t marry there, Palis are treated like crap and any illegals found are kicked the hell out. The hypocrisy of American media today stinks to high heaven.

Or how about that black confederate flag sympathizer, Anthony Hervey, run off the road and killed by a car load of Uncle Tom-hating Negroes? Funny, I read an article put out well over 24 hours after the event by the ASSociated Press (who often need a little time to decide the best way to spin the PC BS for the masses). AP went overboard making it sound like it was merely an unfortunate accident that his car lost control and swerved, no biggie, he wasn’t really threatened. That much. What a bunch of pure PC-lying horse manure!

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Who Started PC in America TO BEGIN WITH?

NEW FRANKFURT SCHOOL MONTAGE XPRTThe ultra-devious Marxist Frankfurt school taught they were two kinds of revolution: Political and Cultural. But because the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia did not immediately spread across the hated Goyim’s Western world, they decided it best to concentrate on the cultural, believing that by first destroying established social order from within — as quietly and imperceptibly as possible — they could bring about political “revolution of the masses” at a later date. Today’s crazy PC BS is the culmination of Jew subversive efforts going back decades. It will get much, much worse. (INCOG)

The Intellectual Roots Of The American Left’s Emerging Totalitarianism

By Paul Gottfried @VDARE

A recent incident in Wallingford, Connecticut, not far from where I grew up, caused VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow to comment: “Cultural Marxist totalitarianism is coming to an America near you.” A complaint was lodged with the local police that “hate” merchandise — Nazi and Confederate memorabilia — was being publicly exhibited and sold at a popular flea market. Following a police investigation, an Anti-Defamation League official named Joshua Sayles expressed the Josh-Sayles ADL Quoteview that “It’s unfortunate that under the law people have the right to sell these things; but it doesn’t mean they should sell these things. It’s not a crime but I would call it hate…”[Wallingford police look into complaint about Nazi, Confederate items sold at flea market, by Mary Ellen Godin, Record-Journal, July 10, 2015].

Chillingly, the assistant regional director of the Connecticut ADL thus unmistakably indicated he was deeply disturbed that a “right” to deal in what he considered “hate” was still allowed. Presumably, in a more sensitive world, no one would be allowed to exhibit or sell either Nazi or Confederate memorabilia. Needless to say, no moral distinction was made between Nazi Germany and the Confederate States of America. They both stood, or so the ADL official implied, for pure “hate.”

“Middle-class, churchgoing goyim, even those who professed to like Jews… could not be trusted. Those who did not resolutely break from the existing order slipped easily into such evils as ‘latent anti-Semitism’ and ‘pseudo-democracy.’”

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